16 Baking Hacks That'll Make You Look Like A Pro

Call all amateur bakers!

Does your cake layer turn out to be very strange? Has your cookie spread throughout the pan? Does the cake mix the limits of your baking skills? Do you always run out of ice?

Do not worry! Follow this simple trick and everyone will think you are really pro, and that your dessert is good enough to come from a fancy bakery.

Let's see!

1. Be careful about the type of pan you use, especially for vanilla cakes.

The top cake is baked in a dark pan and the bottom of the pan is brightly colored, with the others the same. Darker pots absorb more heat.

If your pan is darker, try lowering the roasting temperature to 25 ° F.

2. If you need to add cold butter to the pastry mixture, the trick is to grate it.

The butter grid creates soft, thin pieces that will be more easily distributed throughout your mixture.

3. Use a piece of lace as a stencil for beautiful refined sugar designs.

Place a little clean lace on top of your cupcake, sprinkle fine sugar on top, and gently lift the lace. You will be left with a design that looks professional with a little effort!

For further instructions, please visit 16 Baking Hacks That'll Make You Look Like A Pro

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